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   NMG Inc, a software consulting company, specializes in helping you to take    advantage of cutting-edge technology, efficiently and effectively. In today's    competitive Business environment businesses need trained, agile IT consultants    and project managers to meet their immediate business objectives. Success    depends on having the right people, the right team on hand to get the job done.
   NMG provides the opportunity when you need to maximize control and manage your    own project but need experienced and motivated people to follow your lead.
   At NMG, we focus on staffing quality as intently as you focus on your core business.    NMG is dedicated to providing the human resources support that helps businesses    achieve their vision.
   Our professional consultants are familiar with all phases of systems administration    and software development. They have proven experience and ability to undertake    the most demanding projects.
   You'll find that our software engineers have ample working knowledge of software    development methodologies, operating systems and programming languages. With    a unique combination of business expertise and technical knowledge, we provide    Consultants who are not only knowledgeable in their respective fields but are    innovators in terms of the applicability of technical abilities to solve Business    problems. Our Consultants are a unique combination of Experience and motivation.